Today is April 24, 2017

"Your client service has always been very good - and very appreciated."
~Lori Lewis, Village Clerk, Village of Deer Creek (Tazewell County), pop. 704

About IMLRMA Risk Management and Loss Control Services

The IMLRMA is focused on controlling costs through loss prevention and training. At IMLRMA, we know that long-term sustainable reduction of losses will benefit our members. We understand that the best long-term strategy for reducing IMLRMA contributions is to prevent accidents and losses from occurring. This demands the kind of creative, effective loss control strategies that IMLRMA loss control professionals can deliver.

As part of your annual contribution, IMLRMA provides you with the added value of our loss control services without paying extra fees or excessive costs. Our dedicated team of loss control professionals is available to help you identify, eliminate, and reduce your risk and exposures, thereby keeping costs down and protecting valuable employees, citizens, and municipal assets.

In this Risk Management and Loss Control Section, you can...

  1. View the answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Risk Management and Loss Control.
  2. Read about the benefits of an effective Loss Control program and specifically about the benefits of the IMLRMA Loss Control Program.
  3. Obtain contact information for the IMLRMA Loss Control Specialists.
  4. Learn about the many value-added services that our Loss Control services provide for members, including Loss Analysis, Safety Checklists, Contract Review, and On-Site Visits/Inspections/Trainings.
  5. Access our risk management and loss control publications and resources such Public Works Initiative documents, our quarterly newsletter IMLRMA Connections, and our Safety DVD Lending Library.

Send us your comments if you have suggestions about how we can make the Risk Management and Loss Control information more useful for all IMLRMA members.

Remember, when you join the IMLRMA, you automatically become eligible to receive these valuable Loss Control services -- at no additional cost to you. The cost of these services are within your annual contribution. So take advantage of these services by contacting your Loss Control professional today.

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