Today is March 27, 2017

"The IMLRMA has been a valuable partner to the City of La Salle. The IMLRMA has lead us in safety training, aided in the establishment of safety policies and procedures, and has helped to establish a safety conscious work force. The IMLRMA has exceeded our expectations with their pledge to help us better control our losses."
~John S. Duncan, Finance Director, City of LaSalle (LaSalle County), pop. 9,609

Training & Events

In this Training & Events Section, you can...

  1. View the answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Training & Events.
  2. Learn about current/upcoming IMLRMA and IML conferences and workshops.
  3. Learn about upcoming loss control and safety training available to IMLRMA members.
  4. View a list of Training Topics that you can request from your Loss Control professional as well as a list of training DVDs and CDs you can check out of the Video Library.

Send us your comments if you have suggestions about how we can make the Training & Event information more useful for all IMLRMA members.

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