Today is March 27, 2017

"IMLRMA helped us put an aggressive training and education program in place and we have seen our claims diminish over the past five years and our contribution reduce considerably as a result. Our employees appreciate the fact that we are providing a safer work environment and reducing costs so that those funds can be ustilized elsewhere."
~Jeannie Cowan, Comptroller, City of Alton (Madison County), pop. 27,865

About IMLRMA Member Services

Your IMLRMA Member Services team is here to serve your administrative and underwriting needs. For example, your Member Services team will help answer your questions about coverage situations, provide you with certificates of coverage, make changes to your property and coverage schedules when you report them, help you ensure that you obtain proper coverage on rental equipment, work with you and your municipal attorney to review intergovernmental agreements and other contracts, and much more!

In this Member Services Section, you can...

  1. View the answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Member Services, including questions about reporting information to IMLRMA, questions about our Coverage Grants and limits, and other questions of concern to our members.
  2. Obtain contact information for your IMLRMA Membership Field Representative and the Member Services team.
  3. Request a Certificate of Coverage.
  4. Be directed to current forms that are used to report changes to member contact information, to add/change/delete autos, mobile equipment, or property, to report an upcoming special event, or to report quarterly man-hours.

Send us your comments if you have suggestions about how we can make the Member Services information more useful for all IMLRMA members.

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