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Sample Maintenance and Repair Logs

Documenting regular and ongoing maintenance and repair functions are excellent tools for preserving information and are essential in defending claims asserted against IMLRMA Members.

Maintenance logs are useful because they:

  • Create a record
  • Document identified maintenance activities
  • Record the maintenance work to be completed.
  • Record when work was done and by whom.
  • Assist in tracking maintenance functions
  • Document maintenance resolution

Maintenance logs should be "maintained" by individual departments or divisions. The logs should include the work to be performed, the location of the work, names of all crew members who performed the work, the actual work and the date that it was completed. For instance, if a road crew is repairing potholes, the maintenance log should include the name of the street and address closest to the potholes; the names of all crew members (were there flaggers, if so who); the date(s) the work was completed. Sometimes it is helpful to include what materials were used to perform the work. Tracking and locating maintenance information is easy and effective when it logged.

The sample logs below are Microsoft Word documents that you can use as is or change to fit your particular needs. One special area of attention should be the Notes/Comments area. All employees performing the services and duties that are recorded on repair and maintenance logs should report broken, missing, hazardous or dangerous items or situations when they see them, not just assume that someone already knows about them or that identifying the items/situations aren't their jobs. The job of safety and risk control belongs to every municipal employee, and by providing space for employees to comment on or note dangerous or risky situations or items, you will be reminding them to look out for items or situations that need to be addressed.

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