Today is April 24, 2017

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Weekly Safety Wisdom

Welcome to IMLRMA's Weekly Safety Wisdom (WSW). These single-topic safety talks are designed to be shared and discussed with your employees by email, or at Monday morning safety meetings, or in Safety Committees.

Keep in mind that safety isn't something that can be discussed once or twice a year or even once a month. The best way to avoid or minimize accidents and injuries is to keep safety in the minds of employees every day - and to make working safely a habit - not something they have to remember to do. In addition, many of the topics are safety issues that employees encounter at home and in their leisure time. Since injuries and illnesses that happen to your employees at home still affect your productivity and possibly health insurance, employees can also benefit from the safety talks in their personal lives.

Sharing and discussing these WSWs with your employees every week teaches them about the specific topic, but also provides weekly reinforcement about the need for overall workplace safety.







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