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Public Officials Bond Information Change

If you would like to make changes, additions, or deletions to the public officials or positions covered under your public officials bond, or the amounts of coverage, we must have your changes in writing. We do not have a specific form for reporting such changes, so please submit your request by email or on municipal letterhead.

  1. Fax the change information to (217) 443-0927, or
  2. Mail the change information to:
    • IMLRMA
      c/o CCMSI
      2 East Main Street
      Danville, IL 61832
  3. Email the change information to:

If you have further questions, please contact:

Program Coordinator   Julia Reynolds   (800) 252.5051 ext. 1199   Email Julia Reynolds
Member Services   Anne Binette   (800) 252-5051 ext. 1111   Email Anne Binette

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