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Address / Phone / Name Change

Use this form to report the following types of changes to IMLRMA:

  • Name changes to mayor/village president, or RMC.
  • Address, phone, or email change for RMC.
  • City/village hall address or phone change.
  • City/village hall open hours change.

  1. Complete the Address/Phone/Name Change Form by selecting the appropriate version of the form above.
  2. Make/save a copy of the completed form for your own records.
  3. Print and fax a copy of the completed form to (217) 443-0927, or
  4. Mail the completed form to:
    • IMLRMA
      c/o CCMSI
      2 East Main Street
      Danville, IL 61832
  5. Attach the form to an email and send to
  6. If you have problems with or questions about the form, please contact us at: (800) 252-5051.
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