Today is April 24, 2017

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Quarterly Man Hour Reporting

To improve timely submittal of IMLRMA Quarterly Man-Hour Reports we have two options for submitting your quarterly man hours. You may submit your information on-line or you may download the appropriate man-hour form (Adobe PDF™) and mail or fax it in.

Please choose your reporting method from the appropriate quarter to reflect the current quarter due.

If you enter your information on-line, you will receive a confirmation screen of the data you reported. You will now also receive an email confirming your submission.

If you need to enter 4th quarter hours from the previous year, please click here.

1st Quarter 2017
Due April 30, 2017

Submit On-Line

2nd Quarter 2017
Due July 31, 2017

Submit On-Line
3rd Quarter 2017
Due October 31, 2017

Submit On-Line
4th Quarter 2017
Due January 31, 2017

Submit On-Line
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