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Loss Control Contact Information

The IMLRMA is focused on controlling costs through loss prevention and training. Our dedicated team of Loss Control Specialists is available to help members identify, eliminate, and reduce their risks and exposures, thereby keeping costs down and protecting valuable employees, citizens and assets. IMLRMA Loss Control Specialists have a combined total of 35 years of experience providing loss control services for IMLRMA members, and an additional combined 35 years of experience as risk managers for Illinois municipalities. IMLRMA Loss Control Specialists are committed to delivering quality and timely services by working closely with municipal officials and employees throughout the process.

As part of the annual contribution, IMLRMA members receive the added value of our loss control services without paying extra fees or excessive costs.

Whether you just have a risk management or loss control question, or would like to request an on-site visit or training, please contact the IMLRMA Loss Control Specialist that services your municipality. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how we can craft a program to suit your municipality's needs.

To find your IMLRMA Loss Control Specialist, refer to the map below.

Northern Illinois

Blaine Kurth
(217) 841-2445
Email Blaine Kurth
Southern Illinois

Jim Closson
(217) 254-9038
Email Jim Closson

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